Under The Night Audio
The Hunt

Under the Night (1996)

Musical in 2 Acts (Book: Charlie Rhindress)
4 men, 3 women and chorus, small ensemble
Premiered at Live Bait Theatre, August '96

Part supernatural thriller, part love story.

A newborn baby's cry pierces the night. Two babies are born; one in 16th century Romania, the other in modern day North America. An old gypsy fortuneteller sings of the curse of the werewolf: he is condemned to kill the one he loves.

A young man, whose mother died giving birth to him, and whose father will never forgive him for it, finds himself escaping into a fantasy world of werewolves. But then he meets and falls in love with the girl of his dreams. A death in a Romanian forest and another on a modern day campus drive him to the point where he can no longer tell the difference between the real world and the one he's imagined.

The music of Under the Night is a dynamic blend of Broadway-style show tunes, contemporary pop songs and traditional gypsy folk idioms. The story for the "werewolf musical" was derived from a play that Burry wrote in 1988 entitled When the Wolf Cries. The conflicted nature of the werewolf character has always fascinated the composer, and this musical presents various points of view on the myth: the religious, the popular and the psychological.

"...the story flows with suspense to its surprising conclusion...Rhindress' script and Burry's music and lyrics provide a show that is well balanced in both dialogue and song...a gripping tale and stirring songs"

-Dale Fawthrop, The Sackville Tribune Post, Sackville, NB